Thursday, December 4, 2008

Consider an opportunity to Volunteer: I Encourage you to contribute to the community lets MAKE IT RIGHT!

Like so many citizens, I measure my life by the difference I can make in the lives of others. I learned that lesson while serving as a volunteer at a local Family Shelter with my parents when I was 9 years old. I have reaffirmed it many times since then while volunteering in my community.I have even found my self drawn to that sense of civil duty and human services by becoming a registered nurse.Our country is a wonderful place, filled with warm, compassionate people who care about their community and the people they share it with. To support that spirit, I am encouraging you, the reader of this blog entry, to consider a volunteer opportunity in your community TODAY.
Opportunities to volunteer are everywhere. Sometimes the only problem is deciding which to pursue. During the winter holidays, why not focus on the many opportunities to share the joys of the season with those who are less fortunate?
Mentor a child; help a neighbor prepare a disaster plan; care for a stray animal; deliver a meal to someone in need, organize a food or coat drive,etc. These are small measures that can make a big difference in the lives of others.
Volunteering is one of our nation’s most accessible and effective ways of contributing to a more civil society.
Corporate volunteerism is as equally important.Consider the resources a nonprofit organization usually has to support its mission:
money, physical plant/buildings, employees, in-kind donations, gifts, equipment,
and technology. Someone with specialized skills generally manages each of these
resources, and all are considered during strategic planning.
The key to this is that effective volunteer involvement supports business objectives.
Supporting volunteering in any way can help a company leverage and align its community relations, public affairs, and financial contributions to establish (or reinforce)a brand identity, company loyalty, and community goodwill.
Employee volunteer programs build morale and loyalty, as well
as provide opportunities for employees to share and develop their skills
and expertise.
Helping to build nonprofit capacity and to facilitate prganization through technology and services in volunteerism is an important
way that businesses can generate societal wealth–creating jobs, respecting the
environment, and making other lasting contributions to the community.


Well what are you waiting for? open up your search engine now and look for your perfect volunteer opportunity and MAKE IT RIGHT!


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