Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Living In Theory & HP Magic Giveaway

Sugar Jones Blog: Living In Theory & another chance at the HP Magic Giveaway!
Its great that these collective prizes will impact so many lives in a powerful, positive way.
If I was fortunate enough to win, I would love to be able to gift a computer to my daughter who is working diligently in establishing independent functionality as a young, autistic adult. Our large family (includes 5 kids) has very limited financial resources, and having her own computer would be therapeutic and allow her to blog, take online courses,network socially and really take advantage of all the positive attributes that the internet has to offer.
I would also love to gift a needy family through the Endependence Center (http://www.endependence.org/) a wonderful, local organization in my area that has been instrumental in providing transitional services for my daughter and many other families with disabilities. My daughter and I tutor there once a week, and we know first hand that this gift would really change a person's life.
Lastly, I would love to win a laptop for myself (we have one old desktop for our 7 member family) and gift a laptop to a co-worker & close friend who is a struggling, single, young Mom. She and I are both nurses at at a Local hospital here in Virginia. We have promised to see each other through acquiring our degrees together (we're enrolled together at Indiana State University's online RN-BSN program) and this would be a blessed and most useful gift.


  1. Tanya, thank you for sharing your heart for those with disabilities and challenges, both in your own family and outside of it. You would be a great recipient of this prize package, and your daughter sounds like an inspiration!

  2. Best of luck with your studies at the Indiana State University's online RN-BSN program. Being a nurse is a tough job.

    Best of Luck to you and your family.

  3. Good luck to you in nursing school - it must be quite challenging to be in school while parenting a large family! I'm sure your friend would appreciate very much a computer if you win - good luck!

  4. One of my closest friends has a son with autism. I have watched her resourcefulness and patience in identifying wonderful solutions to give him the best life possible. I admire that same spirit I felt in you through your post. It sounds like your daughter has a great future ahead of her, but her and the organization that helped her get where she is, could use a little help. HP Magic would be perfect for this.

    I wish you luck in the contest. I also wish your family the best as your daughter transitions to her adult living center and as the rest of your children pursue their educations, etc.

    May you have peace and joy during this holiday season.

  5. Such a great story, and it's so good to see you helping your daughter gain and maintain independence!

    Blessings to you and your family, and good luck!

  6. Too many kids unfortunately have been diagnosed with autism and it too has touched my family. These are wonderful uses for the computers and what an inspiration you all are! The very best of luck.

  7. It sounds like you have had some hardships but that you have weathered it well. I think it is great that you plan to give most of the equipment away


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