Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Trisha's Hip-T Giveaway and Review

"The Hip-T undershirts. It's just a small band that you wear underneath your shirts to give you a layered look. They are really cute, and you can even get them with lace on the bottom for a more feminine touch. I got to try out the white with lace one, and it was great. I love that it was just the bottom part of the the band, not the whole shirt. Sometimes that layering can get a little bulky. Also with a shirt or a cami, the straps cause the shirt to move up when you raise your arms. With no straps, this stays in place. I can move around all I want, and I don't have to keep checking to make sure I'm not showing off a little something something."

Click button below to continue reading (photos included) about these cool Hip-T's and other juicy tidbits and giveaways on Trisha's blog.

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