Saturday, May 23, 2009

Win This Blog Makeover

well no, not THIS sickly, puny blog....this blog here that you're reading bemoans its agony and suffering. It reeks of desperation, it needs an Extreme Makeover Home Edition: Bloggy Style. I know just the person who can do it....
Custom Blog Designs

Here's Diana, aka the Blogging
She's a multi-tasking-multi-talented-crafty-artistic-Mom-extraordinaire! Ok, I added that run on sentence, but she's also known as FreeStyleMama, and she is amazingly talented,and very nice, too! She's hosting a "Win This Makeover" contest until May 31st, which consists of a very awesome-ly, unique blog design giveaway shown here...

Her business, Custom Blog Designs, has been successfully productive these last 15 months. CBD specializes in digital scrapbook style makeovers in various template styles, as well as creating blog buttons and custom graphics. CBD prices are very reasonable and competitive, and she has several testimonials listed & linked, so you can easily view her work.
Beware! You will be amazed!

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  1. Thanks for posting about the giveaway. I appreciate the shout out! Maybe you will win!!!


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