Thursday, June 11, 2009

Countdown To Beta Launch Giveaway from Blog: Win an HD Waterproof Video Camera!

Hold your horses a minute there, Skippy! Take a minute to read the fine print, 'cause it is really fine. Seriously, "The Alice blog is about easy home management through unique finds and practical advice for your life." I don't know about you, but I have a whole lot of room for practicality in my life, and unique is just a bonus!
Here is a must read, excerpted from
Meet Alice
Alice is almost here! will provide a better way to manage your household essentials online. We’ll make sure you never run out of toilet paper again, guarantee free shipping with every order, and give you big-box savings without the store trip.
Why subscribe?
The Alice blog is about easy home management through interesting finds and practical advice for your life. We want to make sure you never run out of toilet paper again. Subscribe now, or read more:
1. Quality Daily Content – Monday through Friday we bring you two to three posts a day, most short and sweet. You gain valuable ideas and advice for your life and home on your schedule.
2. Community – We love building relationships and enjoy (love) participating in the conversation. We invite you to share your links and comments with us. I’m an active member of the blogosphere. I read and comment on other blogs, tweet, consistently link out to blogs like yours, and reply to your comments and emails.
3. Editorial Freedom – While we do feature many products carried by (because, well, Alice carries a lot of products), we don’t limit the blog content to just those items. Instead, we bring you the best content no matter what.
Thanks for reading! Ready for new unique finds and practical advice for your life and home?
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This week's giveaway marks the second giveaway for Blog countdown to beta launch. ( Congrats to Mel, the winner of the first giveaway for a year’s supply of toilet paper! WOOT! But wait, giveaways will get bigger and better each week!)
This week they will give away a special Sanyo Waterproof HD Video Camera. "A swanky video camera would be a great way for you to record some of the fun things you’ll be able to do with the time Alice saves you on household shopping." WOOT!
All you have to do, (besides check out the Blog for yourself,read rules/regs and find out how to get extra entries) is answer this: What would you use your extra time for each month?
This is my answer, and it was fun to get it off my chest, because I don't wanna grow up, I wanna be a kid!
What would you use your extra time for each month?
Let's see....sleep in, read a book, surf the net, take a vacation?!? That can be done anytime! Well here's the big picture, I'm discovering that at the age of 33 that getting older pretty much sucks and is, albeit inevitable. Time is flying by and my kids are getting older and no longer the cute but stinky, squishy babies that they once were. My hubby and I have serious careers and serious responsibilities.I would love nothing more than to "loosen up my collar a bit" and take that precious extra time to live vicariously through the eyes of my children. This means doing silly things (with my family) that my own Mom considered blasphemous,ie; jumping on beds and furniture (especially if not my own), eating ice cream and cake for dinner, skipping through puddles, singing & dancing in the rain, having a food fight,toilet papering the dog (with TP purchased from, you get the idea. Oh, and the best part, I would love to record every minute of it on something snazzy besides my ancient & decrepit camera phone. This way, when the kids & Grand kids come visit us on Sundays at the Old folks Home--we'd have something interesting & fun to watch instead of having my dear ol' hubby regale us with his knock knock jokes!

@Alice CountDown to Beta Launch! Here's you chance to Win a cool HD Waterproof Video Camera from! Get on it! *See my Tweet here in all its glory!*


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