Friday, July 17, 2009

Great Survey Opportunity: Claremont Graduate University: Diverse Families Project

Great Survey Opportunity for Families

Your help is needed for a research study on families with adolescents!
Claremont Graduate University is conducting this study to examine family relationships within different 2-parent families, and to gain a better understanding of how family relationships may be related to adolescent behavior. In order to learn more about the experiences of family members, Claremont Graduate University is asking both parents and their oldest adolescent child to complete a short survey.
Participants receive a $20 Amazon gift card for completing a 20-minute, confidential, online survey about themselves and their families. The results of this research will be used to gain a better understanding of the dynamics of family relationships. There are only three criteria for participation:

1. There must be at least two adults and one adolescent child (age 12-17) in each family.

2. Adults must be in a monogamous relationship, living together for at least the past 3 years.

3. Adolescents must live with participating adults at least half-time (i.e., an average of 4 days per week). The adolescent does not have to be biologically related to either adult.

If you are interested in participating or know someone who may be interested, you can visit, email, or call (909) 607-9002.

I just completed it, it was relatively quick and easy and not too painful at all ;)
Its a great feeling to be able to actively participate in a project that is going to help researchers gather useful information so that new ideas and programs can be initiated and implemented.
Aside from the financial incentive, (which is nice and generous BTW), by honestly participating you can create your own inner-warm-fuzzy-feeling in knowing that your answers will make a difference!

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