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【ツ】Hair It Is! Enter to Win 1 of 9 Year-long Supplies of Pantene Full and Thick and $100!

*The following review was excerpted from for your viewing pleasure. Sadly, I was NOT compensated for this post, but I really like & thought you might, too*

Enter to Win 1 of 9 Year-long Supplies of Pantene Full and Thick and $100!

Everyday, Pantene helps women look good and feel good without breaking the bank. You know the feeling: that extra shot of confidence you get when you look and feel great. Now Pantene wants to help you look and feel great by giving you a chance to win a year-long supply of Pantene Full & Thick and $100. Eight BlogHer reviewers recently tested Pantene Full & Thick products to see how it delivered on transforming thin, fragile hair to full, thick hair.

Check out the BlogHer reviews below and enter for a chance to win a year-long supply of Pantene Pro-V Full & Thick Shampoo and Conditioner and $100, just check out any of the reviews.! Each BlogHer will be giving away a year-long supply and $100 will be giving away another year-long supply of Pantene Full & Thick on too! Make sure you register to win today!Hurry! Sweepstakes ends August 1, 2009.

Over the last year things have changed, Cursing Mama's "fine hair has gone through a texture change, it is not naturally lustrous anymore, it has thinned." So when we asked her to try out Pantene Full & thick, she was deifintely on board. See why after only two weeks she already seen great results!

* Blackbird says she is "the perfect candidate for Full & Thick shampoo and conditioner. Age and years of coloring have combined forces to make my already thin hair even thinner - and, now that I think about it, kind of lifeless." She was happily surprised with her hair after using Pantene Full & Thick.

Joanne from Pundit Mom has found that her hair has gotten much dryer and thinner. Luckily after only one week with Pantene Full & Thick, she is pleased to report that things are a little bit more under control with her mane!

Anyone who knows Usedtobeme from Why r u Stalking Me? will recall that she has been struggling with hair issues for quite some time. She said that with using Pantene Full & Thick, "My hair looks good. It feels good."

* JMom from Amoores said her hair changed dramatically after her pregnancies but Pantene Full & Thick "made it look fuller and thicker than it is."

* Moosh in Indy recently admitted that she has started to lose her hair at 26 and has since been taking measures to regain her naturally thick and wavy locks. Pantene Full & Thick came along at just the right time to help her have a good hair future!

* Lisa from the Mamahood said her thin hair runs in her family. She doesn't know what kind of magic ingrediants Full & Thick contains but "from the first application, her hair looked fuller and you could no longer see her scalp!"

Those who know Terra from the Emerson Girls know that everyday is a struggle when it comes to her hair. Since she has started using Pantene Full & Thick her "hair continues to feel soft and smooth even after blowing it dry" and she has noticed more "lift" giving it a fuller look."

I have to admit to my own I've matured ((gag gag gag)) I've noticed the dramatic texture change in my hair. Most women complain and say that their hair is brittle and has thinned, grayed, etc. etc. So, I have to be the freak of nature with hair that went from very fine, pin straight, won't hold a curl for 5 seconds type of hair to thick, curly hair. Um, wow. I have the hair now that I paid $50 for every summer to perm the heck out of since I was 12. What gives? God heard all of those teen angst ridden prayers that I bestowed upon him. And guess what? I don't want it now! LOL, I spend the good part of 45 minutes to an hour straightening my hair with my most worshipped appliance--the flat iron. Hey, where were these 10 years ago--flat irons are the single most exceptional inventions that happened to mankind. (flatirons will be another post in its entierty) Well, that and the wheel and maybe the lightbulb. Holla at me if you were one of those girls who hung their head upside down for an hour with the blow dryer, tee hee, memories--good times. Anyway, as I was sayin', I've used Pantene myself for years. Its a trusted name, its simple and it works, Especially if you have gunky product buildup in your hair--it gets rid of all of that without stripping away the shine. Your hair becomes more fortified and stronger. Stronger is a great adjective for us aging folks!

Anyway folks, be sure to enter the contests. That's 9 amazing chances to win! WOOT!


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