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【ツ】 How do you stay connected to your kids? There's 1 of 9 chances to win $200!

How do you stay connected to your kids? Tell the folks at BlogHer for 1 of 9 chances to win a $200 VISA Giftcard!

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As kids start heading back to school, their lives just keep getting busier and busier making it harder for parents to keep in communication with them.

Our 3 oldest girls have cell phones. I'm a long time Sprint subscriber and also have a great corporate discount plan that saves us quite a bit of money on our Family plan. So, naturally we have the extras which includes unlimited texting, Sprint TV,music & picture downloads, etc. I've already felt the financial burn from not being wise enough to have signed up for the plan in the first place, to the tune of making one unhappy teen fork over $75 to cover her text happy faux-pas. We're a very close family that is always connected, especially when it comes to our common interests like techy stuff and travel, and even simple things like watching the Disney Channel together.My kids get a kick out of texting each other, Dear Hubs and I, and of course, their friends. Its funny, our texting capabilities have improved considerably thanks to those text happy girls of ours!

Sprint asked 8 BlogHer Moms to share how they keep the lines of communication open with their children as they get older.

Read on and enter to win 1 of 9 $200 Visa Gift Cards!

See what BlogHers had to say and enter on each of their blogs for a chance to win. We're also giving a $200 Visa gift card away on in the comments section below!

  • Suzanne from Chickens in the Road knows that keeping calm helps her teenagers to be more open when communicating.
  • Find out how House on a Hill makes communicating with her son more enjoyable and helps to ensure his safety.

  • Bridget from Our Cup Runneth Over shares her tips on how to keep communication open with your kids.
  • JMom from Amoores shares how she keeps in touch with her teenage girls as their lives get busier and busier.
  • Connie from Smockity Frocks knows that spending time together with her kids helps to make sure she knows what is going on in their lives.
  • Pensieve says that encouraging open communication with your children gets much more important when they start entering thir teenage years!
  • Having racked up lots of experience communicating with her 5 teens, Retro-Food shares how she uses technology to stay in touch with her family.

Get your kids the supplies they need before they go back to school. Like Full QWERTY keyboard phones from Sprint. From the new duel slider Samsung ExclaimTM to the free LG Rumor2TM, your kids will thank you by text, email, and maybe even call you.

Sprint wants to know how you stay connected with your kids. comment section on the BlogHer review page here for a chance to win a $200 Visa Gift Card! Hurry! Sweepstakes ends September 4, 2009.

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  1. Great post! Wonderful ideas on issues that many of us single parents struggle with. I recently got my kids cell phones over the summer, as I wanted to keep contact etc. I got my two boys a Motorola W376 from Target for $30 with a $7 a month charge for the minimum contract we need to keep in contact and my boys have been sending texts and photos of whatever they’re getting up to when they’re with my ex. They love their phones and it puts my mind at ease, as I know I can contact them at any time. The results have been wonderful, the Tracfones facilitated a summer of smiles!

  2. My dream is a 'Smartphone' and one day I hope to have one. My 27 year old daughter was 15 when we got our first cell phone. That thing saved my sanity. No doubt I would be a nut house somewhere now if it hadnt been for our cellie. I cant imagine having a child and no way to get hold of them or vice versa. I remember my parents just staying up and I know they waited on me until I arrived home each night.


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