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【ツ】Intel Wants to Help You Move to the Head of the Class; Win 1 of 9 Acer Aspire Laptops!

Intel® Wants to Help You Move to the Head of the Class; Win 1 of 9 Acer® Aspire® Laptops!

*The following review was excerpted from for your viewing pleasure. Sadly, I was NOT compensated for this post, but I really like & thought you might, too*

It's that time of year again, back to school time! I am hoping not to inundate my readers with my boring trials and tribulations of back to school mania, but I do have 5 school aged kids to prepare for Back to School. Back To School prep in my house is often tedious, hectic, and sometimes unpleasant as we battle crowds, shortages, and wistful children. My nephew will be entering pre school, and the twin boys will be entering the 4th grade. My two middle girls, aged 11 and 13 are in the Middle School together this year and are very excited. I am not so excited that their computer literally fried out during a storm surge several weeks ago. Unfortunately, with all of the other expenses that we have, a new computer is not in our forseeable budget any time soon. So this Mommy will try diligently to win just one computer/laptop/whatever-resembles-a-computer, because I need to free my aging desktop from the grips of iTunes, Nat Geo kids and YouTube overload. Anymore torture and I'm afraid it will die a painful death, and well, that's all that I have to connect me to the internet and bloggy loving world. Thus marks the beginning of my undying effort to score a cool computer for the kiddos, gotta love 'em.

BlogHer recently asked readers to divulge "what back to school tools or rituals you had vs. what your children have today." I didn't have to think too long and hard before I came up with my own explanation. I'd have to say the biggest difference in back to school rituals between myself and my kids is that when I was growing up in a NY suburb, it was very uncool to bring your lunch. ( peer pressure is still pretty much rampant, no matter what era you're from!) All the kids who had "money" bought the schools gourmet/fast food type lunches. It was the "in" thing to do, plus have extra money for ice cream sundaes, candy bars and soda from the vending machines. Today, my kids wouldn't dream of buying lunch, (even though they have a Pizza Hut in the cafeteria!) which is fine by me because it saves me alot of money (did I mention the we have 5 school aged kids?) Also, much to my relief--today (at least in Virginia) the soda and junk food vending machines have been replaced with bottled water and low fat, low sugar snack options--a Mother's dream!

So, readers, share with me your answers/thoughts/feelings on this post, and then....

With that said, BlogHer And Intel® wants to make sure your family is fully prepared for the new school year by giving you 9 chances to win an Acer® Aspire® Timeline AS3810T-6415 Laptop powered by Intel® Centrino® 2 processor technology!!

The Aspire® Timeline series was designed to strike the ideal balance between maximum battery life, performance and outstanding value - attributes that every mom is looking for a notebook for herself or her kids for the back-to-school season. The Timeline has an elegant thin and light design that is incredibly sleek and utilitarian to keep costs down in order to provide maximum value for our customers. The Acer® Timeline is available starting at $599.

With 8-9 hours of battery life, the Acer® Timeline provides an incredible benefit to students who are taking it from class to class to take notes, work on projects and look up information online, only to then need it after classes are through for study times. Moms on the go who want to stay in touch can use it as they work from home, then compute on the road with kids, volunteer at school and other charities, etc.

For more information on the Acer® Aspire® Timeline series, click here.

Intel® also wanted to put the Acer® Aspire® Timeline laptops to the test with 8 BlogHer mom's. Check out their excerpted reviews below to see what they had to say and then go to each BlogHer Mom's website for details on entering with chances for possible additional entries! Good Luck to you and **fingers crossed** Good Luck to me, too! See you there!

  • Deb on the Rocks and her kids thought the Intel® Core 2 Duo processor and sleek look of the laptop was awesome!
  • Giyen and Paige from Bacon is my Enemy found many features on the laptop that they thought rocked! See what what they liked and enter to win!
  • Owlhaven thought "the VERY best thing about this computer is the phenomenal battery life."
  • Kimberle, from Petroville, found the laptop perfect for her daughter to use this year when she heads back to school!
  • Mocha Momma has been preparing her kids and students for back to school for 15 years. See how she thought the laptop would fit into their lives here.
  • Busy Mom thought the Aspire® Timeline laptop was a perfect fit for her daughter and a breeze to set up, check it out here!
  • Mir, from Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda at, was very impressed with the long battery life!


  1. Thanks so much for letting us know about this opportunity! "What back to school tools or rituals you had vs. what your children have today." Well, I grew up around military bases all over the world and never lived longer than 2 years in any given place. I was in DOD (department of defence), public, priviate and home schools. The only real "ritual" I can remember is that my mom and I would go back-to-school shopping and pick a special outfit for the first day of school, then mom would always take first day of school pictures of me and my brother.
    What's different for my kids is that they have pretty much lived only in one house (moved here when our oldest was 4) and have homeschooled since day 1. But we still make a big deal of "first day of school" with special outfits, haricuts, and pictures (both as a family and of each child) holding their favorite school book from the upcoming year.
    A laptop would make homeschooling so much easier for internet access as the kids get older and online reasearch becomes a bigger deal for school! I'm also spending many hours per week undergoing medical care, so a laptap would allow me to continue writing (I'm an author) while hooked up to IVs and the like!
    jsaake AT yahoo DOT com

  2. Thanks for sharing, Jenni. I also undergo lengthy medical treatments that include long, tedious hours hooked up to IV's. Having the use of a laptop definately makes the time more bearable (I use DH's work laptop). That's pretty much how I found the time for my most fave hobbies; contesting and blogging about contests, LMAO.Good Luck to you!


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