Wednesday, September 2, 2009

【ツ】AT&T FamilyMap reviews and sweepstakes with 10 ways to win $100!

*The following review was excerpted from for your viewing and winning pleasure. Sadly, I was NOT compensated for this post, but I really like & thought you might, too*

10 BlogHer Reviewers recently had the chance to try out AT&T FamilyMap. This service allowed them to conveniently locate a family member's wireless phone on a map from their mobile phone or computer at any time. In addition to periodically pulling up a map, users could also schedule alerts so that they could be notified where their child was at specific times each day - like when they were expected home from school.
Check out each of the 10 reviews below to find out how checking up on their kid using FamilyMap makes each BlogHer Reviewer more comfortable with increasingly independent kids, and to enter each blogger's giveaway of a $100 Visa gift card! Find out more by visiting AT&T and get your first 30 days FREE!
TC of I Have Things... puts it simply, "I have to tell you: the whole idea of being able to keep tabs without even having to think about it? Awesome."
MandCo of My Own Circle of Confusion likes that she can set up a schedule in AT&T FamilyMap to have it text or e-mail her if her son does not show up at a given location at a given time, and that it will notify her if he goes near a given location.
Heidi of The Johnson Family Tales shares, "Not only has this product let me not worry when my son and his friends go out to the lake by our house, it is also nice when he conveniently forgets to call me when he gets to where he is suppose to be."
Hannah of SAHM: Surviving Assorted Home Mayhem said, "I'm not always home in the afternoon when Teenager arrives so it gives me great peace of mind to know that I'll automatically be informed when he arrives home or to another destination or if he just hasn't made it home by a certain time."
Bridgett of My Cup Runneth Over likes that she can plug in addresses of places her kids go a lot, "church, school, work, a friend's house. There is also the ability to set up scheduled tracking. At a certain time it will locate them and send you the information through an e-mail or text message."
Mamalang found peace of mind knowing that she would be able to
see where her daughter is located if she is late coming home from a
job, an activity, or even a date by using AT&T FamilyMap.

Krissi of theSwimMom likes that AT&T FamilyMap notifies her daughter when she is being located, and that it gives her daughter the excuse, "Sorry if I go somewhere I don't tell my mom, she will know."
Marilyn of Slackermama enjoys the amazing ease of setting up automatic text message updates. She was notified when her husband was on his way home from work, when her son got to school and even where he was playing down the street at a friend's house.
Heather of Caloden enjoyed that, “while I was more than halfway across the country I could easily log in to our account and see exactly where my son was; this left both my mother [who was watching him] and me feeling more assured about the situation.”
Sheri of Unexpected Bliss looks forward to using the Schedule Check feature of AT&T FamilyMap when she starts her graduate classes in a few weeks. When she is in class, she can set it to send her a text message when her son gets home. “Since I would spend the entire class time worrying if I didn’t know where he was, that will be a big help.”
Each blogger's sweepstakes runs from August 27, 2009 to September 20, 2009.


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