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What are your 5 fashion must haves for fall?

General Growth Properties (GGP) Malls, TLC’s “What Not To Wear” show and TwitterMoms have teamed up to create a fun blogging contest in celebration of the upcoming Shop Smart Look Fab mall event taking place at over 140 GGP malls nationwide from September 17-20. The blogging contest centers around the question “What are your 5 fashion must haves for fall?”

• 50 bloggers who enter will be randomly selected to win a $25 GGP mall gift card.)
So, with Back-to-School in full swing, it's time to put away all things summer and start gearing up for the fall. (Wait, didn't I just dig up all that stuff not so long ago?) With money on everyone's mind, shopping for fall trends may have to be a little more strategic. Savvy shoppers like me are focusing on essentials, not luxuries.
I find that adding some of the more accessible fall fashion pieces to your existing wardrobe is a great and inexpensive way to update your look.
Luckily, this fall's style is a combination of classic, hand-me-down-worthy pieces and easy, fun accessories. Here's a look at some current trends according to the latest blabber in regards to NY Fashion Week. Some we can do with, and some--we can laugh about!
The ‘80s trend continues to rage for fall, but this time around desig
ners have taken a slightly more sophisticated approach to the decade’s iconic look.
Accentuated Shoulders
is the trend that I'm least excited about. Neiman Marcus points out that "emphasizing your upper body will make your waist appear smaller." That is very true. Of course, doing so with square shoulders would leave me looking like a moon man, kinda like the VMA statuette. I think I'll pass on that one, thanks.
Animal Prints are another Fall 2009 trend that I cannot, in good faith, pull off. Some people look great, I just happen to not be one of those lucky people.
Thigh Skimming Boots Divas-in-training can channel their inner Julia Roberts circa Pretty Woman.
The Cocoon hat has been heralded as "Enveloping and protective, the season's outerwear serves as the perfect armor against the elements." Well, that's great--you'll need a whole lot of armor to protect you against that Grizzly Bear that thinks you have its lunch on your head.

Here are my top 5 Fashion Must Haves for Fall 2009:

#5 Cardigans & Shrugs

As a native New Yorker, I can attest to the fact that there isn't much of a need for "bundling up" in Southern Virginia, as we are blessed with milder weather. However, we do have to get a little more creative in the sweater department. Thin fabrics, short sleeves, cardigans, shrugs are great versatile pieces that can pump up and compliment any outfit. Light layers continue to be a fashion favorite trend and Flyaway Open Cardigans are a great way to layer on something light, with a more romantic, feminine cut. Cardigans add texture and character to any outfit, from casual to more dressed up outfits. Cardigans and shrugs in general are great for indoors because it keeps you just warm enough, but doesn't make you too hot. However, if you live in a cooler climate and you're constantly cold, (like me) they have thicker flyaway cardigans & shrugs that are equally cute. Asymmetrical Cardigans are flattering and can be worn with skinny jeans or leggings. These new shapes give an old classic a stylish twist!

fly away cardigan

#4 Skinny Jeans
I have yet to purchase a pair of skinny jeans, much to the chagrin of my tween & teen daughters. However I vow that this year will be my year. I am currently on the hunt for the perfect pair, which is a rather daunting task. However, I am liking these $34.99 Rinse Wash Skinny jeans ( hey--those boots are pretty fierce looking, too! ) from NY & Company .

Skinny Jeans, Rinse Wash

#3 Accessories

High Impact jewelery pieces are flirty and fun! Go bold with Art deco jewelry! Whether vintage or reproduction, its a great way to add sparkle to your look. I would never, ever, ever even think of spending $128 for this antique gold manor necklace from J.Crew. But it serves as an inspiration for bold accessories, a major biggie on the list of fall must-haves. I suggest starting your search for fab accessories at vintage and thrift shops, even yard sales! I bought a similarly, chunky beaded necklace a couple months ago for about $5 at a Church flea market.


#2 Its in the bag!

This does not have to be the “it’ bag of the season, but a frame purse in a bold color is a great investment to add a POP! of style and functionality to set off a neutral outfit.
I liked this Liz & Co. Perfect Fit Shopper Bag from JC Penney, on sale for $39.99.

liz&co. Perfect Fit Shopper

#1 Update Your Shoe Collection

Pick a Shoe and run with it! I totally ♥ shoes and any excuses that I can find to buy more of them. This season, designers are hot on animal print designs for the ladies. Personally, animal prints aren't for me, but I would suggest a pair of shoes with contrasting colors, which is still particularly current. Metallic Shoes would give your outfit an extra pop & would look killer with your basic black dress. I liked these Westies Carnie - in Black, sold by Sears for a reasonable $34.99.

I also suggest updating your athletic shoes. During my recent mall outing at my local Lynnhaven Mall, I went to the Finish Line and I un-abashedly splurged on a pair of Skecher's women's Shape-Ups walking shoes. I paid $115 but they are on sale now for $99. At first I thought that they were heavy and bulky looking, and kinda ugly. I tried them on and found that they were lightweight, didn't hurt my ankles and quite literally felt like walking in sand. I bought a pair of all white leather ones to compliment my hospital scrubs and relieve my achey back.

These shoes have totally spared me the back pain associated with spending long 12+ hour shifts on linoleum over concrete floors. I also feel & appreciate the burn in my legs and thighs as I climb stairs. I love them so much and almost freaked out when I couldn't find them as I was getting ready for work the other night. I highly recommend them and will soon be attempting to buy a pair in every style shopping for another pair for my daily workouts, but thats another story.

Interested in even more great savings? Consider these great offers:

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Simple, right?

While you're there, pick up our Shop Smart Style Guide with tips to help you look fresh and fabulous this fall.

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  4. I love those jeans! I know some of my must haves for fall are a fun coloured rain jacket, a well tailored warmer jacket, and tons of fun bracelets! Can never have to many of those! :)

  5. My fall must haves are clothes i already own hahaha. I am on a strict budget which doesnt include much so this year its gonna be do with what I already have!


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