Monday, October 5, 2009

Bake Sale-Ready Desserts:Get creative for a school fundraiser with these money-making treats

I know that my phone has been ringing off the hook from the my local school PTA's  begging asking for my assistance in various school functions, etc. I came across these great recipes from Woman's Day online. They have some great recipes that will surely have you nominated for Bake Sale Mama of the year!

10 Bake Sale-Ready Desserts
Photo: © Iain Bagwell
As your little one’s next school fundraiser rolls around, don’t settle for bringing the same old brownies (or, worse, those store-bought processed goods). Instead, wow the crowd of fellow parents and impress the students with these unexpected goodies—from perky Pink Lemonade Bars to seasonal Black Bottom Apple Cupcakes. Or, if you crave the classics, try one with a twist—like Chewy Chocolate Sandwich Cookies Recipe. Any of these desserts will make you the star of the class—at least on bake-sale day.
Bake Sale Recipe Ideas:
1. Chewy Chocolate Sandwich Cookies Recipe
2. Soft Chocolate Chunk Cookies
3. Pumpkin Spice Muffins
4. Little Lemon Drops
5. Snickers Brownie Bites
6. Black Bottom Apple Cupcakes
7. Double Berry Tarts
8. Pink Lemonade Bars
9. Little Carrot Muffins Recipe
10. Orange and Cream Cupcakes


  1. All of these look delicious but the snickers brownie bites stand out to me mmmmmmmmmmmm. I have never been much of a baker since I always seemed to burn everything. I believe I could put some of this stuff together though with precooked cookies and they would go over well!

  2. Which on to begin with? They all sound so tasty, but I think I will start with the pink lemonade sqaures. These recipes come just in October marches on here in rural NH,I always get the 'nesting bug' and want nothing more to settle in the house on chilly days with my crockpot cooking up dinner and my oven full of fall treats! Thanks (from my hubby too, who will love some new recipes for treats!).

  3. Yummmm! These sound great! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. These recipes look so yummy! I will definitely try the Double Berry Tarts and the Black-Bottom Apple Cupcakes :)

  5. The Pumpkin Spice Muffins look so good, i am going to make them next weekend

  6. Oh man now I'm craving something sweet! These are amazing recipes I'd love to try some of these for my Holiday baking.


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