Monday, December 14, 2009

Getting Ready For Holiday (or Anytime) Guests

If you have a spare room, it’s likely become storage space, a playroom, or gift-wrap center, and may not be ready for guests.  Whether you’re expecting friends or relatives, it’s a very nice gesture to make the room look like you prepared it just for them.  It doesn’t take much. Take a look around, get rid of any clutter, make room in a drawer, and clear space in a closet. I've compiled a ✔ list (at the end of this post)  for preparing to have guests in your home, and check out these items I’ve used to make our guests feel welcome.

For most of us, our guest room is a last thought when we’re putting together our home, so we use whatever odds and ends are available to make the bed.  Offer your guests a bed with fresh, matching linens and other amenities such as a cozy comforter, a selection of pillows and a fuzzy throw.

A nightstand with drawers gives your guests extra storage and gives you a place to tuck away any stray items in the room.  Can’t afford to purchase a nightstand? Use a side table from another room or make a small table by placing a small board on a pile of books and draping matching floor length fabric over it.

Having a lamp on the nightstand is great, but you’ll make more space for books and other necessities with an easy-to-install sconce light for reading.

Your guests will appreciate knowing what time it is, and an alarm clock with an i-pod dock and a special ambient sound feature makes sleeping easier by blocking out unfamiliar noises in your home.

If you don’t have a spare room, then an air mattress in a room without too much traffic is a good alternative, and can be set up to be as welcoming as a guest bedroom.


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