Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2010 High Resolution(s): @Twincere (That's me) Is Keeping It Simple

I really hate saying the R- word. Its difficult for me to make a list of resolutions because I feel that I am just setting myself up for failure. Let's make a resolution to not make resolutions! Ha! Bottom line: In the back of my mind I know what I need to do. We all do. 2009 was one heck of a year and I am desperate and anticipating for 2010 to be much better on so many levels, financially, personally, professionally. I will however, always count my blessings...because behind every gloomy, sodden cloud is a bit of sunshine that helps me make it through.

My personal weakness is finding the mental and physical stamina to stay motivated and invigorated in everything I do. I'll be 34 this Spring and honestly, running after 7 kids becomes utterly exhausting. Granted, living with chronic anemia and its unflattering side effects plays a role in that, but I know that I want so much more out of my life. Its going to be a good year, I can feel it in my nearly-middle-aged-bones.

Water on the brain
Drinking more water has been at the top of my resolution list for two years in a row. This is resolution that I've really worked hard to maintain, and this year will be no different.

Java Junkie
I will be quitting subtly reducing my expensive coffee habit and making it at home as often as willpower shall mandate. It’ll be just as good (maybe better, I pray I hope) if  I steam the milk.

A Stroke of Genius
I will handwrite and or bespeak a note or words of thanks for every kind gesture big and small, as much as I can. It's so important to let someone know that they are appreciated and valued.

Liar Liar, pants on fire
I am going to stop lying to myself. Especially about things like my shoe size, clothing, and gray hairs: “I’m an 8, so what? P.S. I’m really a 10/12 . Ugh, I hate myself.”

Time After Time
I have personally taken a vow of punctuality. I have chronic issues with it, and I know its super annoying. Hubs says I'd be late for my own funeral.

New Heights
I want to try new, daring adventurous things. That means not being a wimp and actually braving the roller coasters at Busch Gardens and King's Dominion, with my kids and hubby....laughing all the way--instead of crying.

Rock ’Em, Sock ’Em
I want to wear matching socks more often. That means painstakingly devising a fool proof plan that entails the proper sorting and matching of the mountains of socks that is produced weekly in this 9 member household.

Grow a Pair
I want to not kill everything I touch. I am going to search the web over and try to turn this black thumb of mine green, once and for all!

Heck, Yes
I want to end the nay-saying with the naughts.I will work on being more positive. I will be the semi- Yes Mom and Yes-Wife.

Say It Ain't So
I'm working on deep cleaning my potty mouth. I'm a native New Yorker, easier said than done.

Resident Night Owl
I will be more consistent (even though I may be too tired to wash the makeup from my face) to treat my skin with love and respect and the best moisturizer, because this getting older bit sucks, bad.

Beauty Awaits No One
I will be more committed to getting my beauty sleep this year, even though the Night Shift at the hospital beckons me.

Stretch it to the Limit
I will take a a few moments to stretch and strengthen my body every day. This is something I've taken for granted for far too long. I shall cherish what little physical flexibility I have and work on regaining it.

Charitable Influences
As a family, we will continue to make an impact. Pick a charity, pluck a heartstring. Spending time together last year as a family and volunteering at our local FoodBank was a grounding and humbling experience for all of us. It truely is a hearwarming experience and makes one appreciate what they have.

Just Talk It Out
There will still be no texting at our dinner table. Practicing and perfecting engaging conversations will give our family lots to talk about.

French Toil and Trouble
I'd like to seriously brush up on my French, which is currently, ehm, how you say, mad rusty. It wouldn't hurt the effort if my fabulous Hubs were to conveniently dangle the new Costes 2 fragrance as le carrot.

I will be looking for a little peace and quiet among the harrowing screams, lost shoes,e-mail messages, texts, calls, teacher conferences, and hardscrabble lunches that often consist of the toddlers left overs. I will seek out my ethereal inner chi to transport me away from “humdrum noise” so that I can take a moment to be alone with my ideas.

I'm swearing off my favorite guilty pleasures: French fries and real butter. Let me get back to this one.

There will be more sex in 2010. Ugh, with my husband...not that we didn't do it a lot anyway. just sayin'


  1. Lol I love it too cute. Great resolutions especially the last one

  2. I love the last one. Great resolutions you got there. I think I will consider your resolution my inspiration to change some of my old habits this year.


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