Tuesday, January 27, 2009

$200 CASH giveaway at Choyster Cash

Claire, from Choyster Cash recently posted this amazing giveaway!
"That contest over at Bloggy Giveaways got me all worked up! We're gonna do something really nuts here at Choyster Cash and go ahead and give away $200 in cash or check. Yup - $200 whole dollars sent to your mailbox in a check or cash! I will draw a name on Thursday, February 5! (psst - If you want to know where the cash is coming from, I got a very generous birthday present that I returned for $!)
Here's how to win:

1. Sign up for my newsletter (it's on the top of the left sidebar under the banner if the link gives you an error message) and my RSS feed here. Leave a comment to tell me you did both and you get 1 entry point!

2. Want a double entry? Post about this giveaway on your blog and put me in your blog roll or sidebar! Leave a comment telling me you did so you'll get 2 entry points!

I will announce a winner on Thursday February 5 and will email the winner. However, the winner will have to tell me the code word that I include in my newsletter that day, so you better be doing your reading!

So - to recap - you should be leaving either 1 or 2 comments on this post.

If you leave 1 comment, it means you signed up for my newsletter here and my RSS feed here.

If you left 2 comments it means that you wrote a blog entry about this post and put a link to Choyster Cash in your sidebar."

Copy the link below to find out about this and other great giveaways and frugal info on her blog

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  1. WOW!! I am new to all these blogs but y'all have great giveaways


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