Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Brilliantly Beautiful!
This is a very true story! OMG its LOVE & I know its meant to be. I fell in love with this gorgeous ensemble when I learned of its debut in November. Just when you thought HP was good, well it gets better.Just 3 weeks ago,I was surfing the web at work (shhh,don't tell!) and I was showing a co-worker the intricate peonies on the designer HP Mini Vivienne Tam edition notebook. What fabulous splendor and glory on the HP website (yes, its faithfully bookmarked). I matter-of-factly told her that I was snapping this up as soon as my tax returns cleared.It wasn't too long before I had to manage crowd control as a huddle formed around me with very audible ooohing and ahhing being echoed repeatedly! Oh yeah, it was a sight to see. Well, wouldn't you know it...I returned to work after a week or so off (long story-we moved into our new house), only to find that 2 of my co-workers have beat me to the punch! One co-worker even brought her HP Mini Vivienne Tam edition to work, showing off her foxy digital dream with the built in web cam so she can talk to her soldier boyfriend! OK, so I was wicked jealous, but I'm not going to hate. I am determined to have one of my own, its just going to take a a bit of savvy financial planning with the new house and 5 kids and all.(mmmmmmmmm unless I win one, I'd be one SWEET Valentine) But let me tell you what I did get, I could NOT resist the opportunity to splurge on the matching red & peony designer bag and scarf--being offered at HP right now for 50% off ($100 right now!). I am going to be one fashionable techy diva when I have my hot matching bag and scarf with my HP Mini tucked safely inside!(its like building an outfit around a purse or shoes, right?)Oh yeah, the girls at the office are going to be green with envy!
This is the coolest new gotta have gadget, at least IMHO.
I'm loudly declaring my love for the new HP Mini Vivienne Tam edition notebook. Why do I love it? Why do I desperately want one? Ooooh,let me count the ways.
1) The color is a perfectly appropriate Valentine (and anytime) Red with lovely lavender peony flowers! GORGEOUSLY RED HOT!
2)The HP Mini Vivienne Tam edition notebook is a trendy, designer clutch! Its compact & light weight so I can take it anywhere-work,PTA meetings, grocery store, doctor's appointments, practices, all while maintaining the hottest fashion style!
3)The generous 60G hard drive is roomy, like a walk in closet!
4)The built in Wireless G Card means with a Wifi signal I'm connected to the internet all the time, anytime, anywhere!
5)I am able to speak Windows XP, its user friendly!

And you can win one. Just follow these instructions:

The HP Mini Vivienne Tam Edition Valentine's Day Promotion Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating love – and here at HP, we are celebrating our love for the HP Mini Vivienne Tam edition. Tell us in a blog post or Facebook posted item how your love for the digital clutch justifies you winning an HP Mini Vivienne Tam edition for Valentine’s Day. Reply to the @HPCheer Twitter channel ( with the link to your “digital clutch love letter” and enter to win!

How to enter the contest:
1. Follow the HPCheer Twitter channel:
2. Write a blog post or Facebook posted item on the HP Vivienne Tam Fan Page describing how much you love the digital clutch and why you deserve to win one for Valentine’s Day
3. Include a picture of the digital clutch in your blog post or Facebook posted item
4. @reply to HP’s Twitter channel ( with a link to your post Example: “@HPCheer This is why I deserve to win the digital clutch [LINK]”
5. Winner will be selected by HP and contacted for delivery on Wednesday, February 11, 2009

1. Contestants must be 18 or older
2. Contestant must follow the HP Twitter channel (@HPCheer)
3. Entries are due by 5 p.m. PST on Monday, February 9, 2009
4. Contestant cannot be an HP employee
5. Winning entry will be chosen by HP

Enter now at


  1. Cool article, too bad the contest is already over. Just wanted to let you know that I linked to your blog from mine (

  2. Congrats! You have an award waiting at:


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