Thursday, July 23, 2009

I just entered to win a Sprint HTC Snap! Check it out here

OMG what's not to love? First off, thanks to Jennifer, author of The Dirty Shirt Blog, for this amazing review. My DH's Palm Smartphone is near death and after reading this update/review/giveaway I told him that he has to buy this phone ASAP. He's an business exec in the car business so the Windows live, GPS, long battery life, bluetooth and voice recognition are all big plusses (++) He's all thumbs when it comes to texing, so our girls will be glad that he can be efficient on the Qwerty kepboard! Of course, these are all the features that I love, too--so maybe I'll be lucky enough to win **fingers crossed** and all of us can be stylin' with our new HTC Snap smartphones! Here's what Jennifer had to say about her experience with the HTC Snap Smartphone from Sprint.

"I have been chosen on behalf of Sprint to receive, keep, and provide feedback for the new Sprint HTC Snap Smartphone.Today I am going to bring you an update on my new Sprint HTC Snap. I have tested a few things out and I will be answering some questions I have received. I will first start off with the basic use.Phone use – I have used this phone for almost a week now and after getting it all loaded up with what I needed on hand I have been able to test it out. The phone quality is great, I have not dropped a call in a store, sounded like I was talking from a bathroom or lost a signal anywhere I went. I talked from a car (not driving of course), in a store, in my home, and at my sisters (which has always been a problem with my other phone, she is kinda out there in the middle of no where). The sound quality is awesome! Easy to use to dial and talk.Windows Mobile - I honestly don’t know how I have lived without this for as long as I have. Because I can now sync my email, my calendar, my notes (via One Note) and everything else I need this phone has now become my lifeline. Okay that sounds extreme, but seriously I have everything I need in the palm of my hand. Having Windows Mobile is a huge plus for me and one I will not go without from here on!Multiple Email Accounts – Love this feature. I have been able to add the ones that don’t have online support, which I love. I do however have to use the Internet to go through my GMail and Yahoo accounts but that is okay seeing as I am phasing them out anyway. This feature is a big one for those like me that have many email accounts.Web Surfing – One word…FAST!!!"

Head on over to The Dirty Shirt Blog and follow Jennifer's updates on her Sprint HTC Snap Smartphone experience and find out how to enter the giveaway and win your own Sprint HTC Snap Smartphone (retail price is $399.99 and the contract price is $149.99) here:
The Dirty Shirt blog. Ends 8/5/2009.


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